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Welcome to Wonko's!

13776 Highway 183 Suite 116

Austin, TX 78750

(512) 335-1000

Look for us next to O'Reilly's on the North West corner of Lake Creek and 183.
We just got a new Google+ video walk through!  
Mind you, we're still looking for help getting Google to combine the three Wonko's Toys and Games G+ accounts so people will stop getting mapped to the wrong place, and all our 30+ reviews will all map to our site... But this is still progress :)

Warhammer 8th Edition Relase Party
Saturday June 17th We'll be here midnight Thursday for those really looking to get it first.

Friday Night Magic
Standard 7pm, Modern w Modern Masters Prize 7:30pm & Draft at 8pm

Saturday Night @7:30 Chaos Draft

Themed events calendar implemented
We've moved to a themed day in addition to the bigger events that are happening here at Wonko's going forward.  The hope is to expand the games to more than just a single title each day.  There has been some confusion around store hours.  We just want to let everyone know, that we don't close the store till gaming is done.  Yes, sometimes we're here till midnight. We just post the hours so that if nothing is going on at say 9, that we can go home :)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournement 1pm

Role Playing is the name of the game.  D&D Encounters is just the base.
Star Wars Destiny 7pm
Warmachine all day!!

Board Games.  Geek Game Night falls on this day, but we have all day to play other board games as well.
Vanguard Tournament 6:30pm
Wargaming Mini's painting sessions @ Warhammer Scirmishes 6:00pm
Star Wars Destiny 7:30pm
Magic the Gathering Friday Night Magic!! 
 Standard 7pm
 Modern 7:30pm
 Draft 8pm 

7:30pm Magic the Gathering CHAOS DRAFT!
2rd Saturday is Warhammer 40k Storyline Tournament
3nd Saturday we also do Epic Boardgames (MEGA Civ November, Twilight Imperium December)

We are closed Mondays, but as you can see there is something going on every day.
Come on down and take a look!


The following events take place on their given day/weekend of each month.

- Friday's we do FNM.  7pm Standard, Modern 7:30pm, 8pm Draft.
Look forward to our Pre-release and release parties, as well as GPT's and PPTQ's!
Warhammer 40k - Every Thursday for mini's day we skirmish with 40k and Age of Sigmar too.
Epic Board Game Day - Usually the 3rd Saturday of the month.

Geek Game Night / Central Texas Boardgame Meetup Group - Every Wednesday Night starting around 7pm.
Come on out to have some fun and play one of our library games, or bring your favorite and teach a few new friends how to play.

Special Events:



13776 Highway 183, Suite 116 • Austin, Texas 78750
EMAIL: • CALL: 512.335.1000
Store hours:
Monday Closed
Tuesday - Saturday 11:00AM - 9PM and sometimes later (Wednesdays & Fridays till Midnight)
Sundays 12AM - 5PM

Have you seen us somewhere?  Let us know, and we'll link it right here!

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