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World of Warcraft TCG – War of the Ancients Sneak Preview – Sunday, September 23, 2012 at 3pm

Written by Wonkos. Posted in World of Warcraft TCG

World of Warcraft Trading Card Game

Wonko’s will be hosting a World of Warcraft Trading Card Game (TCG) Sneak Preview event for the new release – War of the Ancients.  Come check out the latest set of the World of Warcraft TCG universe. The event is also listed on Cryptozoic’s Website.

Azeroth’s greatest heroes travel back in time to restore a damaged past in Timewalkers: War of the Ancients. In the first set of the new Timewalkers block, Azeroth returns to its roots. Join Azeroth’s Timewalking heros by traveling to the future for the War of the Ancients Sneak Preview event! Play with the newest cards before they are even available for sale.

For the first time, some of Warcraft’s most iconic characters are now playable as heroes, including Malfurion Stormrage, Thrall, and Queen Azshara. You will not want to miss this epic introduction to the newest block!

Date: Sunday, September 23, 2012
Start Time: 3:00pm
Entry Cost: $30 prepaid, $35 at the door
Format: War of the Ancients Sealed (Players will compete in a Swiss-style event with single game matches, with the number of rounds based on the tournament attendance.)

Honor Points: Base Points:  Base Points: 20, Win Points: 4, Loss Points: 2, Volunteer Points: 3


Participation: Blood and Thunder! promo foil card
Top finishers based on attendance: War of the Ancients booster packs.
Wow - War of Ancients - Blood and Thunder! promo foil card

We will carry War of the Ancients product when it release in October 2012. Feel free to ask us about booster boxes, booster packs, or the epic collection being released.

World of Warcraft - War of the Ancients Epic Collection

World of Warcraft - War of the Ancients Booster Box

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